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How to select couplings
كاتب: Engineer of ASA
مصدر: ASA Electronics Industry Co. Ltd.
نشرت: 2015-12-07

Couplings that connect two shafts have a vast range of applications. As manufacturers, we produce couplings to suit particular kinds of applications, by carefully considering the way in which the coupling will be used.

 In the past, the transmission of rotary motion was achieved mainly through the use of gears and belt drives, but couplings are increasingly being used for this purpose, and the methods and varieties of couplings are growing.

 On the other hand, coupling failure can cause a device to break down, frequently resulting in serious damage. In such an event, the rotational drive system of the device can easily suffer from an abnormal, unforeseeable load. It is thus essential to apply great care and to ensure a sufficiently large margin of safety when selecting couplings.

 The amount of energy to be transmitted (torque, rotational speed, rotational inertia), the reversal frequency and instantaneous angular acceleration, types and extent of axial misalignment, spacing, environmental conditions (e.g., the ambient temperature and the presence of water, oil, ray, electromagnetic radiation, dust, and vacuum pressure), and the required rotational life...

 Coupling products must be selected by assessing the specific requirements that need to be met, at an appropriate price.


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How to select couplings

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